Event Sanctioning

Member run events may be sanctioned to cover members under Quidditch Australia’s insurance. Events can be club trainings or tournaments, workshops, try outs, etc. All participants taking the pitch in a sanctioned event must be QA members.

It is a requirement that a submission must be received by Quidditch Australia at least 1 week prior to an event taking place. Any event taking place between the 23rd of February to the 13th of March will only require a submission 3 days before the event.

Please also note that it is the responsibility of the organisation hosting the event to ensure every participant is a QA member. This is a requirement of all QA sanctioned events. If it is found that a participant of the event is not a QA member the sanctioning will be invalid, meaning the event will not be covered by QA insurance. This is a requirement of the insurance is nonnegotiable.

You can find the form here, or via the button below: