State Shield 2019 – Livestream

State Shield 2019 will be livestreamed via the Quidditch Australia Facebook Page thanks to My Sport Live! Find the feed below, and get notified when it starts!

Meet The Commentators

We talked to Emma Humphrey, and Kathryn Cooper, both of whom have extensive experience at State Shield and even internationally commentating on quidditch, as well as Taylor Angelo, who is new to the role at State Shield!

First up, Emma, who is currently abroad in the UK, but has commentated State Shield in the past, as well as a number of European Tournaments. Here’s what Emma had to say:

“Commentating is one of the best ways to get to know the community better, notice upcoming talents and have eyes on everything which is going on during state shield. In Europe it is one of the most sought after roles at major tournaments, because it is a job that you can make truly you own. 

You get to meet and talk to some truly amazing people in the sport, as well as get to voice your own thoughts and creativity. On the livestream, you have eyes on everything which is going on and off the camera, and this can be vitally important as a commentator to relay the information which viewers may not be seeing on their screens (e.g beater/snitch play). 

You do not need experience to be a commentator, in fact if you are new to the sport, I highly encourage joining because it’s a great way to get involved without too much responsibility, you learn a lot in the process and there are so many wonderful people who can support you along the way. 

At State Shield I am looking forward to seeing some of Australia’s best go head to head, to see how some Dropbears have developed as players since the last World Cup, and to see upcoming talent in the field. I think it’s also a great chance to really see what you are made of, for the players to push themselves, and give other players an opportunity to see what the sport has to offer.”

We also spoke to Taylor, who won’t just be commentating at State Shield, but will also be taking photos for her Taylor Angelo Quidditch Shots page! Despite not having commentated at State Shield before, Taylor has had a lot of experience commentating in the NSW Quidditch League.

“I guess what I like about commentating is the fact I get to talk about quidditch and potentially provide extra information in addition to the plays. I’m looking forward to seeing some really top quality quidditch- there’s a reason why my State Shield photos are my favourites – it’s my fave tournament to photograph because there’s so many cool plays, so much potential for cool aesthetics. People should volunteer cause it’ll be super fun and it’s always good to give back to the quidditch community that has given us so much. It’s also much more productive than pure spectatorship.”

Finally for our interviews but certainly not the last of our commentators at State Shield, we have Kathryn Cooper, who has commentated numerous quidditch livestreams from tournament finals, NSW Quidditch League, and previous State Shields.

“I like commentating because I enjoy watching the game with an analytical mind and talking about the strategies that teams are using. I also enjoy talking about the players and their experience with the game with other players as well. I am looking forward to seeing the Bluetongues and Leadbeaters face up against each other again, as the finals series last year. I am also keen to see how the Bluebottles go up against Queensland and the Honeyeaters as well.  I think people should volunteer because there is always so much to do at quidditch tournaments, in so many different areas. So many people have different ideas and thoughts about what can be done to improve things within the quidditch community, and it’s always amazing to see those ideas come into fruition.”

If you’d like to get involved with the commentary and livestream content for State Shield, please get in touch asap via facebook or at [email protected], and get excited!